New Commissions

I recently received two commissions for new choral works. Elektra Women’s Choir has commissioned me along with 9 other Canadian composers to set the amazing “Lost Words: A Spell Book” to music and the Malaspina Choir has commissioned me to write a piece celebrating their 50th anniversary. More abut Lost Words. In 2007 the Oxford […]

3 Tangos for String Quartet

I just finished writing string quartet arrangements of three of the most well-known pieces in the Tango repertoire: Trenzas, Danzarin, and Romance de Barrio. I transformed each piece substantially from the original by changing the harmony, time signature, and rhythm but they still have the essence of Tango. They’re available in the store. 

When the Earth Stands Still

My choral work; “When the Earth Stands Still”, has many many wonderful performances featured on youtube. Two of the best are done by The University of Johannesburg Choir and the Luther College Nordic Choir of Iowa, USA. So interesting to see how music can be interpreted so differently.

Cantus Performance and Review

The male vocal ensemble “Cantus”, one of two professional male ensembles in the US (the other being Chanticleer),  recently performed Tabula Rasa. Here is a short section of the review –  “Over half of the pieces are from the 21st century, some coming from the choral world, others from pop and rock. The evening opened […]

Check Check

If you’re in Kelowna between March 15 and April 27 have a look at this video/audio installation at the Alternator Centre. “Check Check” features video by Ian Johnson that explores contemporary obsessive-compulsive behavior. With music by Don Macdonald in 4 speaker surround sound and looping projections on four giant screens, it’s a compelling visual and […]

Sound Installations

I’ve been lucky to be asked to work on two sounds instillation pieces over the last year. The first, titled SUMMONING (No Words) is an interactive sound temple built of the female voice, a concept conceived by Nicola Harwood.Theatrical and immersive, the installation recalls the origins of artistic practice in ritual, temple, ceremony and community. As […]

Track 3. Sirena

In Greek mythology, the Sirens were dangerous creatures, who lured sailors with the seductive quality of their singing to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. The title “Sirena” is a word borrowed from the Latin word “Siren”  but it’s also a word used in Philippine culture to denote a vicious mermaid. This song uses the metaphor of […]

Carried/The Album

“Carried” I’ve been teaching music composition for over 20 years and one of the things I like the most is hearing from others how their own musical creation came to be, and how the many decisions, mistakes, and gifts from the cosmos came together to shape their work. So, I decided to do a blog […]

Track 1. What a Change

The first song on the album is called “What a Change”. Lyrics The lyrics are about two young couples and how we have been changed by their stories. Unlike many of the lyrics on the album, these lyrics came together in an afternoon. 1st verse – Adam and Eve – the poetry at first chronicles […]


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