This groove infused genre-defying instrumental album puts fiddle and mandolin on center stage with a traditional jazz rhythm section of guitar, piano, acoustic bass, and drums. Written and produced by violinist Don Macdonald, the intricately composed compositions twist and turn the ear by using concepts that subtly transport the listener around the world. Working in a college music program that sees increased numbers of international students every year, Macdonald wrote the album to celebrate the growth of multiculturalism. 

Don Macdonald – violin/composer/producer, Dave Restivo – piano, Mike Rud – guitar, Steven Parish – drums, Rob Fahie and Jill McKenna – upright bass, Jason Anick and Dylan Ferris – mandolin, Mixing and mastering – Chris Gestrin


“It probably goes without saying that jazz can place a wide range of demands on listeners. Each has a legitimate place, but with Shifting Sands, Macdonald offers complexity and compositional variety, as well as a lot of fun. It simply swings its way through a number of intriguing and surprisingly varied styles and nails them all. ★★★★ out of five.” Keith Black – Winnipeg Free Press   

“This is a must-listen-to joyous release. Macdonald’s virtuosic works and violin playing never disappoint. All the stellar musicians play exuberantly, with care and respect.” Tiina Kiik –

“Macdonald and company weave in and out of atypical textures on this fusion affair that’s sure to keep the listener enthralled.”

Tom Haugen  – Take Effect Reviews

Below are a number of ways you can purchase Shifting Sands for listening or as a resource for educational purposes.

1. Purchase the album at Bandcamp or iTunes.

This is a best case scenario for artists. The album is purchased for a small fee and downloaded to your computer.


2. Stream the album on Spotify or Itunes

Streaming pays the artist $.0038 per stream.

3. View Youtube Transcriptions

Score videos of solos by Dave Restivo, Mike Rud, Don Macdonald, and Dylan Ferris.

4. Purchase – Play-along Recording + Sheet Music

Shifting Sands is available as a music-minus-one recording(the violin melody and solos have been removed) with sheet music and transcriptions of the solos available in downloadable pdf form. This is a great resource for performers on violin (or any treble clef instrument) wishing to gain experience playing in contemporary styles. 

5. Purchase – All Scores and Parts

Full scores and parts for violin (or any C melody instrument), mandolin, guitar, bass, and drums are available in this package. All nine songs are included.

6. Purchase the CD at Packrat Annie’s in Nelson, BC or contact me.


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