Don Macdonald’s composition credits include music for classical ensembles, opera, theatre, dance, published vocal works and forays into everything from jazz and rock to contemporary electronic music. He has over 20 feature film credits and has written for and recorded with orchestra, stage band, concert band, string quartet and choir. His score to the cult Zombie film Fido was recorded with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Don’s choral compositions have been performed by many notable ensembles including Rajaton, the Vancouver Chamber Choir, Chor Leoni Men’s Choir, the Vancouver Bach Choir, Jubilate Chamber Choir and Electra Women’s Choir. His commissioned opera, “KHAOS” received a highlighted performance at the 2013 Opera America Conference and his composition “Tabula Rasa”, one of 5 published choral works, received the DaCapo Chamber Choir award for Best Choral Composition in 2010.

Don currently resides in Nelson, BC where he teaches at the Selkirk College Contemporary Music and Technology Program.

  • Rajaton Performs "Your Song"