I recently received two commissions for new choral works. Elektra Women’s Choir has commissioned me along with 9 other Canadian composers to set the amazing “Lost Words: A Spell Book” to music and the Malaspina Choir has commissioned me to write a piece celebrating their 50th anniversary.

More abut Lost Words.

In 2007 the Oxford Junior Dictionary replaced 40 words from the natural world with words from the digital world. “Adder” and “willow” had given way to “cut-and-paste” and “voice mail”. The best selling “Lost Words”, written by Robert Macfarlane and illustrated by Jackie Morris, beautifully conjures back these words with evocative spells and illustrations. 

I’ll be doing my best to help bring the magic to “Raven” and “Wren”. Joining me in this venture are 9 wonderful composers: Carmen Braden, Alex Eddington, Nicholas Ryan Kelly, Ramona Luengen, Monica Pearce, Marie-Claire Saindon, Rodney Sharman, and Stephen Smith.

Performances will be Vancouver (May 6 and 7, 2020) and Nelson, BC (June 13, 2020).


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