Track 3. Sirena

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IGreek mythology, the Sirens were dangerous creatures, who lured sailors with the seductive quality of their singing to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. The title “Sirena” is a word borrowed from the Latin word “Siren”  but it’s also a word used in Philippine culture to denote a vicious mermaid. This song uses the metaphor of a Sirena to illustrate the danger of falling prey to temptation and the pathway from seduction to obsession or addiction.


These lyrics took a long time to get right. There’s a phrase that’s used a lot in the acting/script/play/film world, “too on the nose“. It means lacking in sub-text, too obvious, or lacking subtlety and in this song particularly I wanted to be conscious of not revealing the correlation to drugs until the midway section of the poetry. 


The demo is of the bridge section of the song where the music takes on a dreamy underwater quality (at least that was the intention) as our character starts to lose his grip on reality.  At .16 sec a severely affected guitar with tremolo and lots of crazy delay takes a prominent role and just after this (not on the demo) Sirena’s song is heard (sung by my wife Allison) as she finally drives our poor storyteller mad and into the oceans abyss.


I saw her once, at night near harbour station 

From the toss of the waves, she came and sang to me

That was the start of a strange infatuation

And I’ll never be the same,

and my ears just won’t stop ringin’ 

I think I’m goin insane

Since I heard her singin.

The song hit me like a bullet 

I can still hear the shot

The mist cleared and she was on her way

The next wave had come 

And she was off into oblivion

And I’m never gonna be the same

Feeling oh so strange

And I’m in the darkness spinning

I think I’m going insane

Since I heard her singin

The song was a curse, crafted to perfection

Like a nightshade leaf, so innocent at first

With one note I was taken fast

And like a drug wished it would last

Last forever

Feeling oh so strange, 

And I’m in the darkness spinning

I think I’m going insane

Since I heard her singin

Adrift with emotions

I’m drawn to the ocean

Is this real,

or just a fool’s fantasy?

The sea is a curtain

The depths uncertain

But for me 

she will be worth the wait, worth the wait

and set me free.

Feelin oh so strange

I think I’m goin Insane

Since I heard her singin
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