Persephone’s Nightmare


This music is for a scene late in act 3 (there are currently 3 acts). Persephone is on her journey back to the underworld after seeing Demeter her mother for the last time. Once a powerful and beautiful kingdom that relieved the dead of their suffering it has been transformed into a dark and forbidding land. As Persephone walks through the passage the music underscores a growing sense of dread as the dark underworld is revealed. The metallic percussion that appears later is a potential thematic concept for the underworld.

Here’s the libretto for this section:

Chill, dark, hollow heart

Void of beating, void of blood

An awful stillness

In this chamber

I fear I am lost…

Caught between the worlds

My worst nightmare come to pass

Trapped in this passage


Still alive

Buried alive

Move feet! Move forward!

I taste the dirt, I feel the worms

Crawling against my skin

Where is my husband?

Hades? My king?

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Deanne/Garry Girvan · November 29, 2010 at 1:14 pm


We love the music . The percussion in general delivers quite a punch in describing heaviness and anguish and depicting a tortured mind in a menacing landscape. The metallic, percussive, element punctuating the heaviness of the base register of the background strings does suggest a growing psychological imbalance. Powerful and moving!

Deanne and Garry

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