Tabula Rasa

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This emotionally uplifting work relies on gentle dissonances that ebb and flow with the Spanish text. It has been performed by youth choirs as well as professional ensembles and would make a great choice for festival competition.

TABULA RASA was the winning composition of the 2010 DaCapo Chamber Choir NewWorks competition.

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En mis brazos, respira

vida sin li mites

luz del dia, noche oscura

duerme, sueño, resto conseguridad

Con su córazon su alma escucha y sabe esta verdad

Dentro de ti hay futuros ilimitados si le dan la libertad

Libertad de crecer

libertad de aprender

libertad de tocar

libertad de sen tir

libertad de imaginarse

libertad de volar

libertad de adorar

libertad de ser amado

Tabula Rasa – This Latin phrase translates as “Blank Slate” in English.

Composer Don Macdonald had a specific image in mind when composing this music.

A quiet moment between a mother and child when the mother sees, as she has never seen,

the potential of the precious life she holds in her arms.

A silent acknowledgement of her child and every child as a “blank slate”

with seemingly limitless potential.

Text translation:

In my arms, breathe.

Life without limits.

Light of day, dark night.

Sleep, dream,rest in safety.

With your heart, your soul, listen and know this truth:

Within you are boundless futures ,if you are given freedom;

freedom to grow,

freedom to learn,

freedom to touch ,

freedom to feel,

freedom to imagine,

freedom to love,

freedom to be loved.