Shifting Sands Album

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This groove infused genre-defying instrumental album puts fiddle and mandolin on center stage with a traditional jazz rhythm section of guitar, piano, acoustic bass, and drums. Written and produced by violinist Don Macdonald, the intricately composed compositions twist and turn the ear by using concepts that subtly transport the listener around the world. Working in a college music program that sees increased numbers of international students every year, Macdonald wrote the album to celebrate the growth of multiculturalism. 


All songs composed and produced by Don Macdonald 

Don Macdonald – violin

Dave Restivo – piano

Mike Rud – guitar

Steven Parish – drums

Rob Fahie and Jill McKenna – upright bass 

Jason Anick and Dylan Ferris – mandolin 

Mixing and mastering – Chris Gestrin

“Whether it’s the jazzy drive of the title tune or the flamenco-inspired drive of “La Tormenta” (great solo from guitarist Mike Rud) or the flowing melody of “Atacama” or the joyous bounce of “Bayou” (a Crescent City hoedown at its best), the music wraps the listener in its creative embrace (leaving your feet free to dance!).” Richard Kamins/Step Tempest Blog.