Moon Ravens


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Style – Contemporary

Difficulty – challenging (very chromatic)

Premiered by The Vancouver Chamber Choir Sept 2021

Moon Ravens

Out of the shadows.

There in the east, a tempest of wings, a gathering shroud.
I lay here and follow their path through the clouds.
Moon Ravens, silver then gold
Lit by the moonlight.
Moon Ravens, hovering low
Covered in starlight.
Drifting like ashes
Down through my window.
Oh so softly
Whispering to me.
There’s no one that could deny
All those spirits of the night.
All my senses, all my reason
Overtaken by the wing-ed apparitions.
Into the eye of the night-bird I fall.
Hair into feather.
Talon from nail.
Cloaked in a raiment of Black, jet-Black-char-Black-er than sleep eternal.
Into the Shadows
Life at our backs, distant and fading.
Taking our path to the moon.
Don Macdonald

Feb 2020



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