Fire-Flowers (Song-Cycle)


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This is a song cycle of 7 pieces that celebrates the poetry of the famous Canadian poetess Emily Pauline Johnson. The work was commissioned by the University of Western Ontario Women’s Choir “Les Choristes” directed by Jennifer Moir. 
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Dur: 20:15

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1) Moonsetthe two most melodic pieces are the bookends to the song cycle.

2) The Giant Oak

3) Mosses – The melody here moves from voice to voice like a  “lost wind wandering” .  The idea is to have the music wandering within the acoustic space as the melody wends it’s way from front to back and right to left depending on the section singing the phrase.

4) The Firs – “The lonely minor chord” is a C# minor chord sung by the soloists throughout the piece. As the poetry suggests, the minor chord is heard “faintly and far” so soloists should not become the dynamic focal point.

5) And He Said Fight On

6) Goodbye

7) Fire – Flowers