Fire-Flowers (Song-Cycle)

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This is a song cycle of 7 pieces that celebrates the poetry of the famous Canadian poetess Emily Pauline Johnson. The work was commissioned by the University of Western Ontario Women’s Choir “Les Choristes” directed by Jennifer Moir. 
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Dur: 20:15

Lush harmonies, flowing melodies, and dramatic rhythmic gestures underscore the poetry of Canadian icon Emily Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake is her Mohawk name). Her father was a hereditary Mohawk chief of mixed ancestry and her mother was an English immigrant. 


1) Moonset – Flowing and contemplative. Each verse in this piece builds towards a gorgeous conclusion in “shadowland”.

2) The Giant Oak – Rhythmic and dissonant. The giant oak is a witness to war.

3) Mosses – The melody moves from voice to voice like a  “lost wind wandering” in this stirring and dramatic movement.

4) The Firs – A quiet meditation. “The lonely minor chord” is a C# minor chord sung within waves of portamentos.

5) And He Said Fight On – The warlike poetry depicts the poets own battle with cancer.

6) Goodbye – Poetry and music fuse elegantly in a piece about leaving this world behind.

7) Fire – Flowers – Lush and melodic. The composer paints an image of a field of these flowers gently swaying in the breeze.