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Welcome to the KHAOS  website.

Composer Don Macdonald and writer/librettist Nicola Harwood have  been commissioned by the Amy Ferguson Institute to write a full length opera called “KHAOS”, a re-imagining of the myth of Persephone and Demeter that reinforces our understanding of the seasonal cycles of death and regeneration. Set in a mythical present, KHAOS will highlight the voices of two central female characters, a central male character and be supported by  large chorus and orchestra.


KHAOS is slated to premiere in March 2012.

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Listen to audio demos from composer Don Macdonald as he builds the musical component of this work and read about the development of the libretto under the pen of Nicola Harwood. The audio presented here is being used for demonstration purposes only. Since KHAOS is a work in progress the music should be considered ” in development”. The final work may be played by a large orchestra or small chamber orchestra but at the moment all musical examples are recorded with modern musical sampling software. Vocalists on the recordings are Don Macdonald and Allison Girvan.