Conn Naked Lady “Transitional” Alto Saxophone SN# M253588

Price $1800.00 CAN

This is one of the most sought after vintage saxes and this particular one is in fantastic shape. The pads are like new and the action is excellent for this type of horn.

  • Case and Sax

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More info on the Naked Lady Alto from the saxophone buyer’s guide..

The second model is the transitional Conn which lies somewhere in between the New Wonder and the M series. These transitional horns are excellent, and they lead to a tradition of later specialty horns, including the Connquerer, the 28M, and other models that offered some unique action improvements and a more vibrant timbral approach. The most famous of the early Conn saxophones is the M series, or more commonly the “Naked Lady” model, so called because of the top half of a naked woman engraved on the bell inside a pentagon.

Conn Naked Lady Saxophone Engraving
These horns featured a refined action (although not “balanced” like the Selmers), and some unusual keying features. This model also kept the “tuning neck” which was found on earler models. The 6M alto was played by Charlie Parker and a host of other famous players, while the 10M tenor ran a close second to Selmer tenors of the day. Many players chose Conns because of their “big” sound in contrast to the more refined Selmer.







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