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  • Pacem


    Available from Hal Leonard

    This piece is written for an advanced ensemble with the ability to do up to 8 parts divisi. In order to bring more emotional weight to this anti war composition I created two sections that rely solely on the idea of descending stepwise motion. Each voice descends at different times and using different note lengths until finally coming to rest. The text takes Latin quotes, phrases and sayings and weaves them into a tapestry that carries a strong and timeless message.

  • Fusion


    Music purchases are for downloadable pdf scores. The purchaser pays for a limited copy license which gives them the right to print a specific number of copies.

    Written for an intermediate level ensemble, this high energy piece would be a great concert closer. It was written to explore choral writing without the use of poetry. Abandoning poetry opens up many compositional doors for the choral composer since being unrestrained by text yields a greater ability to choose your own rhythm and form among other things. I chose to make up syllables that would fit each of the motifs in the piece. The bass ostinato throughout the piece is based on the rhythm of a taiko drum pattern I heard many years ago while the upper parts explore short motifs and contemporary harmonies. The uniting of these two ideas felt to me like a “fusion” of different musical styles, thus the title.

  • Boots (Infantry Columns)


    Music purchases are for downloadable pdf scores. The purchaser pays for a limited copy license which gives them the right to print a specific number of copies.

    Poetry by Rudyard Kipling.

    TTBB with snare drum and marching.

  • Voices of the Ancients/TTB/SSA


    Written for an intermediate to advanced level ensemble, this high energy piece would be a great concert closer. Some of the rhythmic syllables are borrowed from Indian percussion.

  • Selene’s Boat


    The SATB version is published by Hal Leonard

    The SSAA version is available here.

    Selene is the goddess of the moon in Greek mythology.

    This piece was originally written after we purchased a “Hapi”, a relative of the “Hang” drum. The sound of my early improvisations on the instrument evoked an image of something celestial so we decided that the lyrics should be about the moon. I created the Hapi part first and then wove the choral parts around it. Allison then crafted the gorgeous lyrics and I massaged them into the piece. The Hapi is a gorgeous accompaniment for choir and can be played with the hands (as it is on the youtube recording) or mallets. The piece would also work nicely with other pitched percussion such as vibraphone, marimba or even harp.





  • Christmas Reverie SSAA


    I was commissioned to write this piece by Electra Women’s Choir in Vancouver BC for their Christmas Concert in 2015.

    Hal Leonard publishes the version for SATB while the SSAA version is available through my website. . It is a secular jazz waltz and is suitable for an intermediate to advanced level group.

    The lyric is about hearing a busker on a street corner, reliving memories of favourite Christmases past, and being grateful that songs can connect us to such memories. Woven in are snippets of God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen and O Holy Night.


  • Winter Sun

    “To light, to water, and the flow of birds through ancient stars.” This fantastic poetry written by Malca Litovitz, so rich with imagery of the Canadian Winter, provided the inspiration for a composition that embraces word painting.

    Purchase at Cypress Publishing

  • Tabula Rasa

    This emotionally uplifting work relies on gentle dissonances that ebb and flow with the spanish text. It has been performed by youth choirs as well as professional ensembles and would make a great choice for festival competition.

    TABULA RASA was the winning composition of the 2010 DaCapo Chamber Choir NewWorks competition.

    Purchase from Cypress Publishing

  • When the Earth Stands Still/SATB SSAA TTBB

    Order from ECS Publishing

    TTBB studio recording sung by Don Macdonald.

    SATB studio recording done by Allison Girvan and Don Macdonald.

    I wrote this for my wife Allison Girvan’s small but advanced youth choir, Laline, the smallest of 3 ensembles that she directs. I decided to compose a song much as a contemporary songwriter would, with my own lyrics and a form based around repeating verse and chorus. This is probably one of the easiest pieces of mine to learn yet one of the hardest to perform since the long phrases require a great deal of attention to dynamics, breathing, and consistency of tone.

  • There is No Rose

    This sacred English Carol has been set by many composers over the years, probably most famously by Benjamin Britten in his “Ceremony of Carols”. This version is written for an intermediate to advanced level ensemble and contains some gentle dissonances that build and then retract to suggest the image of a rose open and closing.

    Purchase at Cypress Publishing

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